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CENNET: Last days for modify your shipping info!

BACKERS: September 4th will be the last chance for modify the shipping info for your rewards!

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Bad news : Unfortunately the problems continue with the manufacturer in charge of the CENNET Sketchbooks, recently (finally!!) they sent me samples of the sketchbooks and they did not get the relief effect I requested and they continued the production without consulting me. I did not accept it, so I had to request a new order.

Good news! : About the Enamel Pins, the manufacturer had problems and delays caused by COVID in their country so that affect a lot the time BUT the pins are finished and will arrive this week, here are some pics that they sent it! (I´ll cutter pics for you when they arrived.)

~ Bagnu Yasara & CENNET Symbol - Enamel Pins ~

Dacachi :

Hi! Many things are happening. If you follow me on IG you probably know that I've been working on my original manga "BOYS of the NIGHT" since last year, I'm happy to say that I finally finished that project which means a lot to me. But the last few months were a lot of hard work. As I mentioned in previous Updates, my husband and my mother are helping me by coordinating the production of CENNET, but there are things that inevitably correspond to me, such as signing or designing, and it has taken me more time than usual.

I infinitely appreciate all your support and patience, I am sure you will love all the details and material that we prepare for this expedition.

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