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PUBLISHED COMICS & BOOKS                               [ most recent works. ]

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Graphic Novel  l  1 Volume  I  Dark slice of life & drama   I  recommended: +17

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[When… the Boys became the perfect girls?] 

«Topics like gender, relationships, sexuality and identity are really exciting. And throughout history these topics have been accompanied not only by love, but also by confusion, violence, abuse, need and hidden desires.»

BOYS of the NIGHT is a journey through the lives of six boys;
Nid, Dess, Billy, Félix, Sel and Laila, struggling to figure
out who they are while overcoming what their context has forced
them to be, mostly at night when everyone pretends not to look.

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Spanish  l  edited by Moondust Ediciones [Spain]

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ARTBOOK  l  Fantasy Art: Original Creatures  l +40 pages

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CENNET is a fantastic and unknown continent on my original world of creatures, beasts, monsters and living plants.


CENNET is the collection of drawings, designs and stories that I have
created over the years. As my first Creatures Artbook, I want to immerse

you in this mysterious world, so in addition to illustrations you can find sketches, concept art details, little stories and facts about the creatures. 
Like a "Fantastic Explorer" diary!


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1st Edition: English & Spanish  l  Self-published.

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The art of BOYS of the NIGHT

Artbook  l  +40 pages  


[When… the Boys became the perfect girls?] 

Concept art, sketches, illustrations and more about the
creation, development and universe of BOYS of the NIGHT.

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Spanish  l  edited by Moondust Ediciones [Spain]

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Hello! Stranger...


Fantasy Erotic Comic  l  32* pages  I  adult content.


"The story of how a huge black wolf (Groei) with a bad temper and a huge libido is shot through the heart of a faun flower grower (Phobos) with memory problems and how he deals with the fact that his crush cannot recognize him even though their paths cross. Daily."

These volume is a short story based on one of my original stories.
"Doujinshi type".

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English & Spanish* (1 book in 2 languages)  l  Self-published.

from the deep.


Mermaids Artbook  l  +25 original illustrations  I  for all audiences.


A small world of fantasy, love and mermaids.
Un pequeño mundo de fantasía, amor y sirenas.
Un petit monde du fantaisie, amour et sirènes.

Compilation of my 2020 Mermaids
illustrations of #MerMay challenge.



English, Spanish, French & Japanese  l  Self-published.

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On the Way to the End.

Fantasy comic  l  20 pages  I  Single volume  l  for all audiences.

5th edition
is here!


"In a world of darkness, a dim light can be seen at the end of the
long road. Tall and bright figures travel straight towards that light, carrying little luggage. However, among them there is a small creature, tinyin comparison, but with very large eyes full of wonder and a
great weight on his shoulders"

A silent mini comic about how difficult
the road toour dreams can be.


1st Edition [sold out] 
2nd Edition
[sold out]
3rd Edition [sold out]
4th Edition
[sold out]

​NOMINATED as BEST Mexican Comic 2021
by Tándem Cómics.

English & Spanish  l  Self-published.


BOYS of the NIGHT.

Narrative Artbook  l  5 stories  I  +35 illustrations  l  recommended: +17


A Narrative Artbook where lives, preferences, secrets, and experiences are

collected that are hidden at night. Presented as original illustrations that

together tell more than one story.


Through intricate strokes and lots of ink, Dacachi creates the

world of BOYS of the NIGHT where he presents differents themes under

the delicate nuanced of beauty and impropriety.

English & Spanish  l  edited by Editorial Calidad de Línea [Mexico]

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Drama, Romance and Suspense  l  Manga Series  I  260 pages   l  recommended: +13

Spanish  l  edited by KokoRo! Revista [Mexico]


"The world of gods and spirits is not only about mysteries
and glory, it also involves rules and severe pains.

After a painful loss, Liki has decided to escape from that
complicated world with his faithful companion, Kiki, to the
world of humans in search of a person capable of filling his
broken heart. But what Liki will find is an old boarding house
run by Riku, a young man whose life will be turned upside down"


KokoRo! Magazine editions: 
Primavera 2013,
Verano 2013, Otoño 2013, Invierno 2014, Primavera 2014, Verano 2014, Otoño 2014,
Primavera 2015, Verano 2015, Primavera 2016, Primavera 2017, Primavera 2018, Primavera 2019.

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